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Wow! Another great review. I’m blushing.

In Just Breeze by Beverly Stowe McClure, Breeze Brannigan just started eighth grade and thought she would somehow turn into a gorgeous woman like her sister when she turned 13, but nothing seems to be different. Still the tallest person in school with big feet, braces, and wild red hair, Breeze was just unhappy. Then, she meets the new kid in school, Cam. Hearing him speaking with an unknown accent and being very polite to everyone, she’s convinced he’s from another planet. The more she learns about him, the more intrigued she becomes. Will she be able to keep his secret? And what will happen if it gets out?

While reading Beverly Stowe McClure’s Just Breeze, I was immediately brought back to my days in middle school. Worried about her appearance, wanting to be just as pretty and successful as her siblings, convinced she will never have a boyfriend, Breeze’s thoughts were so authentic to how a 13-year-old thinks. McClure does a fantastic job of making all of the characters in this book realistic. What I liked most about the story was the different relationships that Breeze had. Whether with her parents, her siblings, her best friend, or with the new mysterious boy in school, each of her relationships were unique and genuine. Not only was Breeze completely relatable, but you also start to wish you’d had a friend like her back when you were 13. She’s awkward, respectful, sarcastic, and an amazing friend. This is a great story about friendship, family, love, and discovering yourself. Young teens will really enjoy this. Reviewed by Cheryl Schopen for Readers’ Favorite


I am so excited. My first review is in. If you’d like to read it, click on Reading Junky’s Reading Roost. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  It’s also at Teens Read Too.

Snippets of more cool reviews:

“I have never read any of Beverly Stowe McClure’s previous works but after reading Just Breeze I will definitely do so. Just Breeze is a wonderfully written book that takes a look at the time of life most of us want to forget … adolescence.”  Shirley Rempel

Here’s another one:

“McClure starts off with an excellent set of characters, tosses in a superb plot, and comes up with a major winner…Not only will Just Breeze make the perfect gift for your tween/teen reader, it will be a book that is read time and again because it is just that good!” Cheryl Malandrinos

Still more:

“Although this story deals with some difficult issues, it is an easy read for a middle grade student. The tone is light and peppered with humor. Ms. McClure knows how to weave a tale that will keep the reader turning pages.” Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz, author of Ghost for Rent

One more:

“Step into Breeze’s shoes and delve into her inner most thoughts, her family and friends, and why she is truly blessed. Beverly Stowe McClure provides the reader with such detail and conversation throughout Just Breeze the reader will feel as if they are walking the halls with Breeze and feeling the essence of her life pouring through their veins.” Donna M. McDine, author of The Golden Pathway




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