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Posted on: 05/30/2009

cropped_doll_camCam just moved to town. He lives next door to Tony. And he’s a mystery. But I aim to solve the mystery. My thoughts are leaning toward an alien from outter space. He’s polite, which is more than I can say for most of the guys at school.  So he must be from another planet. Or maybe from another country. I’ve never traveled much so other places might be different.

He also talks with an accent of some kind. And he speaks fluent Spanish to his mother. Another weird thing is he never mentions his father. Amy suspects they’re on the run, trying to hide from his father. That’s another possibility. 

The only thing he has in common with the boys I know is his spiky hair, and that’s even gone out of style mostly. Oh, yeah, one more thing. He’s shorter than me, though only a little. Dare I hope he’ll grow taller? Sigh. What are the odds?




Posted on: 05/21/2009

Tony is every girl’s dream, if you like the athletic type. He’s tall, though not as tall as me. Hardly anyone is except my dad. Tony’s cool. Plays football. Has nice biceps. He likes Amy. As a girl. He likes me. As a fixer of broken objects, such as watches, I-pods, even arms. Yep. I’m everybody’s bud, one of the guys. He also likes Allison, new girl in school. Which causes problems, as you can guess, between Tony and Amy. His picture coming shortly.

Tony also introduced me to Cam, new boy in school. Now, he’s weird. Tell you about him later.



Posted on: 05/11/2009

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Best Friend Amy

Best Friend Amy

Amy has been my friend like forever. We’re exact opposites. I’m tall without a curve anywhere. She’s short with curves in all the right places. Her hair, unlike mine that plays by its own rules, is long and dark and she wears it in a high ponytail. She dances and does gymnastics and moves gracefully through life. Me and my canoe-sized shoes stumble through life, trying to keep from injuring other people should I fall on them and crush each of their vertebrae.

Amy’s always there for me … well, once or twice she got mad at me, but most of the time she’s easy going and we have great fun. She’s popular with the guys, but can take them or leave them. She breaks a lot of hearts. I break kids toes if I step on them.

Now you see what Amy looks like. Sigh. I should be as fortunate. Homework time. When your mom’s a teacher, you’re supposed to be perfect. Ha! Whoever said that hasn’t met me.


Amy here, putting in my 2 cents worth. Don’t underestimate Breeze. She has a lot going for her. You can trust her. She’s great at repairing things. And she has a marvelous sense of humor. All she needs is a little confidence in herself.

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